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Spring Rolls

WELCOME! If you’re here its because a) you love spring rolls or b) you just wanted to see what the secret spring roll page was all about. Well, congrats! Now you’re in the SSPC (secret-spring-roll-club) and theres no getting out.Okay, you can leave but please stay, I’ve got good things to say.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now but I might as well say it one more time… Spring rolls are by far the most valuable things on earth and we must protect them at all cost. Or make them for our friends & families every second night. SO! Here’s a recipe that you don’t have to scroll through a million blog posts to find the ingredients for.

Kenzi’s Spring Rolls

For springys: 15 Spring Roll Pastry Sheets 1.5 cups - shredded carrot 3/4 cup - cabbage 1tbs - minced garlic 1/2 cup - spring onions Bitta salt and peps 2 tbs olive oil

For dip dip : 2 tbs - Sweet Chilli Sauce 1tbs - Tamari sauce 1 tsp - Honey

HOW TO MAKE THESE BAD BOYS! Chuck all the ingredients (besdies sauce and pastry sheets) in a fry pan until cooked. If you don’t know when its cooked just ask your mate. They’ll know. Maybe like 7.34 minutes? Grab yourself a spring roll pastry sheet and put it in the diamond position. Measure out 2 tbs of the mix from the pan and plop it in the bottom corner of the sheet. Start rolling until about Half way then STOP Dip your fingers in some water and dampen the corners of the sheet, to ensure they stick when you continue rolling. Tuck the left and right sides of the pastry into the middle, then finish off the roll. (youtube this part if it doesn’t make sense lol) TADAAAA! Repeart 15 times now. If you’ve got an air fryer, chuck them in there for about 15 minutes (turn after 7.5 minutes) and drizzle with oil. OR If you’ve got a pan, heat about 2 cm of oil and fry until golden! Thats it fellas! Enjoy x

If you’re feeling a bit lazy, here are my top rated spring roll locations in South Australia!! 1. NNQ 2. Mai Kitchen 3. Ying Chow 4. COLES BRAND SPRING ROLLS I AINT KIDDING THEYRE FAB 5. Lemongrass Thai Bistro

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