September 22, 2021

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1. Tell your partner you've got a cool idea that may or may not lead to them having beers with their pals on a Monday night... IF they just play along...

Theres generally one person in the relationship who LOVES photos and the other... not so much lol
Persuading your partner is the hardest part - trust me. You'll need beers, chocolate, and maybe a date night planned in order to reach the next step.

2. Reach out to your fave photog (me lol)

Okay maybe it's not me this time, I get it, sometimes you live in places not close to Adelaide, so I'll let it slide.
BUT I'll still help you!

Reaching out to your photographer will guide you SO MUCH! They'll help you to put your visions to real life, figure out a time, place, and date.
In the case that you do work with me, I'll also send some funky chooooonz and outfit ideas.. which leads me to my next point


4. What do we wear?

Anything within the same color pallet is the besttt idea. Less patterns means more focus on you and your family & your gorgeous faces! I'll bring some blanket choices for you to relax on for a couple pics too.
Check out my Pinterest for some inspo!


4. What if my kids are crazzzyyyy

Make sure you & your babes / pets are super comfortable, this is KEY when taking photos. Imagine when you take photos of them at home, relaxing on the couch having snacks, they're always the most content yeah?

Well, I don't have a portable couch BUT snacks are a great idea to get them to cooperate and live their best mini model lives.
Everyone should have a full belly and maybe even a little sugar haha
xoxo welcome to the BRIBE TRIBE

5. How do we pose???!

The more you try to pose the less nat-ur-ale you look and no one wants that. Although I want you to stand certain ways, ill direct you but I'll never nit pick at you!
To be honest, the best photos are the ones where you're just enjoying each other and some time out of the house.

I hope these tips help you allll!!
Family shoots are SO SO much fun and I can't wait to work with you :)

Kenzi x

Adelaide | Barossa