30 Tips for your day after 30 Weddings

April 11, 2022

30 Weddings, hey.

Never in my craziest dreams growing up, could I have imagined I would be a full time photographer in the Barossa Valley, of South Australia, let alone a traveling photographer shooting all over the globe to capture the best days of your lives!

Alas, here we are.

Time to share what i've learned with my fellow photographer pals & future wonderful clients!

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Lets start with 15 hot tips for my brides & grooms to be regarding photog:

1. First and foremost, make sure you could see yourself being mates with your vendors!
Your photographer and videographer will be by your side not only for the 8-12 hours on your wedding day, but you'll also be in contact for months (or even years) leading up to it, and after!

2. Ask your photographer how many photos you'll be receiving and HOW you will have access to your images.

An online, downloadable gallery is essential these days. This allows all your friends & family to view your beautiful images without having to send them individually.

3. Ask your vendors if they've worked together before, and don't be afraid to send them each others' deets.

Photographers (atleast I do) love making friends with everyone at your wedding!
The groundwork beforehand can make for the best kind of party! YEWWW

4. Pleaseee let them know if you've decided to go another way.

We have so many bookings for the years to come due to the WEDDING BOOM that is a result of the c-word.
I personally will never be offended if you decide that we aren't a match made in heaven, unlike you and your future life partner. Sometimes the spark just isn't there and that is so fine!

5. Bring an invitation to yo wedding.

I photographed for a couple in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens not long ago and some of my favorite shots were the detailed images of the jewelry, perfume & the beautfiul invite that all of their guests received - Vows are also a nice thing to capture :)

6. Tag your photog!

I can't express how much of a painful sting it is to spend over 24 hours on a gallery for people to not recognize your work. Word of mouth is the most powerful thing in our industry and we would love and appreciate it sooooo much if you could credit us and our art <3

7. Allow time alone with your partner.

I'm sure you've heard it before but your day goes extremely quickly and sometimes it can feel as though you've barely spent time together. 15-20 minutes just to sit together is a nice touch to take in your day.

8. Food food food

Vendors are hungry little souls. I include this in my contract but if your photographer/ videographer is working the long shift, there's a chance they'll pass out if they're not fed lol

9. Longer booked wedding packages = more time to celebrate with your friends and family.

Some of my clients have worried that if they booked me for a whole day then the whole day would be about photography! It's actually the complete opposite. It means that we have more time to let you enjoy your guests AND each other. The shorter weddings (4-5 hours) tend to be the weddings where the photography is more full on so that we can get the shots in time before I jet off.

10. Have a pal to direct traffic for family photos :)

Post ceremony hangs can be a little hectic to say the least, it's best to make sure you have a close friend or family member who can let me know who's who and we don't miss out on any important piccies.

11. Ceremony should be all in sun or all in shade

It's tricky to navigate this, and sometimes it's not possible - butttttttt, if one of you is in the shade and the other is glaring into the sun, its not a vibe for either of us. Let's try and keep same same for you both.

12. Sunset IS a vibeeeee

Usually intimate sessions are best 1-2 hours before the sun sets. This will avoid any harsh shadows under the eyes from the mid-day sun, squinting, or reflections off the top of your heads.

13. Bring props!

Sunnies, hats, jackets, and beers. (not in that order)


Your intimate shoot is generally before your meal, sometimes a nice little cheese board is a gewd touch.

15. Go against the grain! Don't be afraid to ditch the traditions.

The tradition of carrying flowers and having them as your boutonneire started originally to avoid the couple from being stanky on their wedding day, before the time of cologne and perfume.
Feel free to do your own thing and ditch anything that doesn't feel quite right!
They say tradition is just dead people pressuring you to do things as they want them to be done hahahha.



The wedding industry can be a little daunting at first. Don't be afraid to get some assistance. The best decision I made was by investing in a business coach - even for a little mindset change.

2. Trust your gut & then add some.

If you feel you need 4 batteries instead of 3, bring 10. The best creativity comes when we give ourselves the space to do so. If you're worried about your gear not working, you're taking up the brain power that needs to be used to be the confident vendor everyone needs (and paid for). Back up your photos, bring two cameras, a ladder, whatever you need to know you'll get the best photos possible.

3. You won't fit every wedding!

Just like every person you meet won't be your best mate, not every couple will suite your style or personality. That is A-OK! By working only with people who you would be friends with, you'll have an easy ride and so will they. I always think, if I work with couples who don't neccesarily suite my style then another photographer is missing out on a wedding that would!
There's no shortage of work, don't be afraid to say no and reccomend someone who might be a better fit :)

4. Excel spreadsheets are a GOD SENT

Every couple I book in, I have a folder full of fun things regarding their wedding & the details I've chatted with them about. This means that when you have your meetings or their day has arrived, you have the tools ready to make them feel as if they're your only client and to avoid asking the same question more than once.
We all love to feel special and as though our mates have the time and consideration to remember what we've told them - same goes for wedding vendors!

5. Listen more than you talk

Let your clients run the show, this aint yo wedding fool. soz that's a bit harsh. But really, allow them to tell you how they'd like to run the day. Ask more questions than suggestions. People like to hear your advice, but be aware of when you're saying too much.

6. Clients will always tell us what we need to change about our business

The subtle little questions asked are hints of what the people want! Don't let your ego take over, just adapt and your business will grow. Make it eassssy.

7. Go all in

People can tell when you're half-assing things. On the other side of fear is sucess.
So show your personality to the absolute fullest in order to attract the people in your life who encourge your crazy side, and in turn you'll work harder and smarter ;)

8. Try things you've never done to get what you've never had. duhhh

I used to think things lke, "when I'm full time i'll do this differently," or "maybe some day i'll be able to afford this." The best advice I have ever received is to do things before you're ready, in order to be where you want to be.
Society tells us to be careful, to fit in to the box of expectations that it's set for us from when we're kids.
I say, dismantle that box, fold it nicely, and shove it up their asses. Go for it. What's the worst that'll happen? You'll stay exactly where you're at... that's the scariest thought to me.

9. Two cameras saves lives

Just buy that second body. Honestly, it makes life so much easier and less awkward. Changing lenses mid ceremony makes me want to throw up.

10. Client meetings before weddings are for both you and the couple

Time is the most valuable thing on this earth. We're as lucky as each other for the time we're willing to invest into this meeting. Make it fun, make sure you gel, have some laughs and beerssss!

11. Check out the venue before the day.

Get those creative juices flowing through your fingies and toes before the wedding.
Then at 3am the day before, you can lay awake in bed for hours thinking about shots you would have missed - hahahahha just me?
Nah but really, research the hecckkkk out of your venue!! It's the best way to avoid the nerves

12. Ask if there are any must have shots!

This ones simple - don't miss it

13. Build a contract

Again, this is for you and the couple both.
Some things I include are:

The use & ownership of your images posted on social media and marketing tools
Unplugged ceremony rules (Not be liable for missed shots due to grannys ipad)
The turnaround time of images
Deposit and refund rules
And so many more!


Cover your ass. Public liability & equiptment insurance are some majorrrrrr factors in this game.
Travel insurance also :)


My couples froth over their next day sneak peek. You don't have to upload the entire gallery just yet. Pick a couple faves to share with them, they'll be so grateful.
And don't forget to tag all the vendors you worked with!!! They dont have the luxery of 1 million piccies of the day like we do.


Thanks for paying attention til' the end.
And thank you to all 30 couples i've been able to work with in order to gain the knowledge and experience I have.
I'm so grateful, forever and ever

Kenzi St George Photography x

Adelaide | Barossa